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The CMMI, which is short for the Capability Maturity Model Integration is a type of approach or process wherein it aims to improve and develop business processes and methodologies. It’s a “maturity model” because it’s separated and categorized into five (5) different levels.

We’ll get to more information about the different CMMI levels later. For now, let’s focus on the totality of this particular process model.

CMMI-certified iso 9001 ohio

Is the CMM the Same as the CMMI?

The CMMI is the approach that is based on the CMM, but, they’re not the same. The CMM is an approach that is only directed towards software engineering and development, whereas the CMMI is the process or the behavioral model that tackles both system engineering and software management and development, too.

Is CMMI an ISO Standard?

No, the CMMI is not an ISO standard because, from the term alone, the CMMI is a “model and behavioral” process or approach. Its main purpose or goal is to educate and help out businesses and organizations by providing the best practices that have been duly derived from leaders and the best organizations in the industry.

CMMI Levels

The maturity level of each CMMI phase or stage has its own level of literacy in the software, hardware, and systems development industry.

It starts at the 1st level or stage, named the Initial stage where all processes, methodologies, and procedures are reactive. Everything in this stage is unmeasured and it’s like a punch to the moon if you’re going to get it right.

Then in the 2nd stage, things start to get slightly different. Some of the processes are made for the purpose of project completion, it’s still a reactive stage, though.

The 3rd stage is the big jump from levels 1 and 2. This is where the procedures are managed – and they’re only done and approved if they’re for the benefit or for the purpose of enhancing projects or the company.

Level 4 is the stage where they’re quantitatively managed, meaning, processes and methodologies are calculated and computed for the same purpose – to help and assist the business or the organization.

Lastly, the 5th level or the optimizing level is the level wherein all processes are deemed effective and are duplicated for other perspectives and problems. At this level, the goal of each department is to find out more about how they can improve and fully develop the processes and the procedures of the business.

Getting CMMI Certified

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