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Leetonia is a really nice place to be at. It’s a peaceful and quiet village where not many people live at. But despite that, businesses have been good in the village since there’s not that much competition in the area which is a big opportunity for many people living in the village.

Leetonia is also home to one of the few places that still have Cherry Valley, Coke Ovens. You might be wondering what is Cherry Valley Coke Ovens? These are small ovens where coal is deposited and heated to a high number of temperatures for them to be produced into coke and iron later on.

Leetonia OH

Because of rich deposits of coals, ores, and lime in Leetonia, many people saw this as an opportunity to buy lands and set up a business under the industrial industry and this, in turn, gave a big growth to Leetonia’s economy of many years.

Whether you’re in a big city or village-like Leetonia, if you have any ISO standard and certification needs then we at IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio, got your back! The city of Leetonia has trusted us for many years and has considered us as number one for this type of service.

But what do we offer? Here are some:

Compliance Audits

If you’re in the industrial industry, then it’s really important to make sure that your company is adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth by the government. The main reason for this is that since your business heavily relies on manpower, if there was a point that something bad happened to you or your employees due to non-conformance, your business would automatically be suspended or closed down and we don’t want that happening.

If you want to make sure that everything is evaluated properly then we’re the right guy for you. IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio have years of experience in doing compliance audits. We can assure you that nothing will be left unchecked if you trust us.

Asset Management ISO 55001

Assets are the investments of a company. They are the primary equipment that businesses use to make products. From light equipment like cookware in restaurants to heavy machinery in the industrial field, all of those are considered assets.

This standard and getting ISO 55001 certified make sure that a company has a management plan in place to make sure that they know how to properly manage assets throughout the business.

More maintenance means the lesser cost for repairs and new equipment.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITAR

Being in the gun industry, you need to make sure that you follow strict compliance when it comes to selling your products and even exporting them. This is where ITAR comes in to make sure that any product that you will be selling is properly registered and makes sure that there’s no way it would cause any security risk for the country.

Getting properly certified for this might sound too troublesome, but don’t worry because we have your back! Feel free to contact us anytime to get further assistance on quotation on the services you’ll be needing.

IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications:

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