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The city of Columbus is famous for having one of the largest universities in North America. The city is also close to nature in a way that the top zoos are located here and also have the best municipal park systems in the country since it has 16 parks spread all over the city.

Businesses are good in the city because of the tourism that the zoos and parks bring. Aside from this, the city is also a good place to live since you’ll find everything here from the hospitality of the neighbors, affordability, good jobs available, and opportunities for possible business ventures.

And when there are opportunities available, we always there to help out. We at IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio has also been assisting businesses to find success in Columbus for a long time now. We offer ISO standard and certification services and we also offer different types of audits as well.


Here are some of the things that we can help you out with!

Documentation Audit/ Desk Audit

Businesses become successful depending on the manpower that it has. There are times that some people may complain about the pay they’re getting from the company they work for and this is where a documentation audit comes in.

This process is normally done as requested by either the employer or the employee. This is done when an employer or employees dispute the pay that they’re getting for the job or workload they’re doing.

Regardless of whom initiated or requested the audit, everything is looked into without any bias. Things that we consider are the duties that an employee has for the business, the workload they’re doing, and if there’s any other responsibility that lays on their shoulder aside from what’s mentioned.

Pre-assessment Audits

Looking for somebody to check your company’s conformance to guidelines before getting a certification or registration audit? Then we’re the guys for the job.

Most companies have already created a management plan for ISO certification that they’re looking to apply for. A lot of time and effort usually goes into this and we want to make sure that the efforts you’ve put into it will bear fruit.

We’ll make sure that all of the checkboxes are checked first and make sure to correct any non-adherence to guidelines that we may see from your management plan.

Food Safety ISO 22000

It goes without saying that wherever you’re located, food is always a necessity for everyone. That’s why going for a business involving food is always a good choice. If you’re already in the business and want to get more customers, then this certification is the best one to get.

ISO 22000 has a set of requirements that a company must meet to make sure that the food they are selling and serving is completely safe for consumption. This involves raw materials, how the food is prepared, and even the plating or packaging it’s put into.

If you’re looking at creating a management plan for this or want to get a certification, then we at IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio are here for you.

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