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Marysville is known as “The Shaded City”. The nickname originated from the maple trees lining the community’s street. Although considered a city already, Marysville is very rural at heart focusing more on agriculture research instead of industrial or technological.

Marysville also has a rich history as well with regards to automotive works since the first plant of Honda of America first opened in the city in 1979.

Marysville OH

Wherever you’re located, We at IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio will be there for you. We have been the most trusted company by the city of Marysville for any of your ISO standard and certification needs.

Here is a brief overview of what we have already offered to businesses.

Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)

Being so close to nature and having lots of trees surrounding the area of Marysville, sets up a big opportunity for businesses creating lumber or wood for construction to be successful. But if you’re in this business you also need to make sure that you meet proper guidelines before you can start cutting of trees.

A plan must be set in place to make sure that your business would be sustainable in the future by planting trees as well for every one tree that’s cut. This requirement is in place to make sure that trees would still be available in the future and can still be used for the same purpose, as well as protection against any possible calamities that may happen.

This is only one of the guidelines that we listed, feel free to call us in for more details.

Food Safety ISO 22000

Having a business related to food is always a good choice and opportunity since food never goes to waste and everybody needs food.

But to make sure that the food you are selling won’t cause any problem when consumed, then you must know the right standards and policy to follow to avoid any food hazards that may happen.

Whether you sell food products at a restaurant or convenience store, a business must always make sure that they check the food starting from the raw materials, how it’s cooked, and even how it’s packed.

By making sure you’re following the standards and getting the ISO 22000 certification, it’ll be a guarantee that more customers will be choosing your business over the others since your already internationally recognized for food safety.

Pre-Assessment Audits

Looking to apply for certification but not that confident enough to know if you already are complying with all the guidelines for that certification? Then we’re here to help you out. Before you start the registration or certification audit, we can first give you oversight on all the requirements needed first and will evaluate if everybody is following proper protocols within the company.

We’ve been an expert for this job for so many years now. IQC The ISO Pros of Ohio has made many business owners very happy with the services we had offered.

Contact us now for any inquiries about our service. We’ll even give you a free quote while at it.

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