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IQC the ISO Pros of Ohio is Ohio’s top-tiered ISO 9001 training, documentation, implementation, and certification company that’s been the most trusted, and the most sought after by a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Due to the expertise and the mastery that we have in the QMS standard, we’ve been considered by the vast majority of our clients to be their go-to solution to the ISO 9001 needs they have.

How well do you know the ISO 9001 standard, in the first place?
getting ISO-9001-ohio

What is the ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is one, if not the world’s most popular and most known standards. For all products and services you’ve gotten, you have seen this particular ISO standard at least once.

To break it down in the simplest manners possible, the ISO 9001 is the standard that gives and provides the outline that businesses and organizations need to have for them to be able to improve and fully develop the customer and client satisfaction levels their products and services have.

Is a QMS Important?

The question of whether or not a QMS is important is an incorrect question. In every business, having a process or a procedure that would be relevant and significant for the feelings and the results for the clients and customers.

Whatever type of management system it is, it’s an important part or component in a company or an organization.

Steps to Becoming ISO 9001 Certified

The steps on how you can be an ISO 9001 certified company are rather easy and simple. As a matter of fact, it’s as simple as:

  1. Learning and Studying the ISO completely – from its benefits, advantages, and how you could go about implementing the standard to your business or your organization
  2. Performing a Gap Analysis – it’s the procedure of checking where your business or your organization is against the standard
  3. Planning and Strategizing – It involves and includes the brainstorming of how the standard is to be implemented
  4. Documentation and Implementation – This part is relevant as this is the part that’s going to be the basis of the certification
  5. Certification and Auditing – it is the stage wherein a company or an organization will be audited depending on the documentation and the implementation of the standard to their business or their organization

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